Sicklist: Tenor cancels Covent Garden

The fading Rolando Villazon has told the ROH he won’t be feeling well enough at the end of next month to sing Nemorino in L’elisir d’amore.

His replacement is the Armenian Liparit Avetisyan.

Ticket-holders have been contacted, say the ROH.

His is not the tenor cancellation the house is really fearing.

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  • Can you please be more careful with headlines – not funny while the world is waiting with baited breath for the other tenor’s rehearsals to start.

    • “….bated…..”

      Singing appears to be comparable to American football in terms of injury and indisposition.

      • Stimmt. Wieder was gelernt. Dann schreibe ich halt das nächste Mal lieber in meiner Muttersprache.

        • Take heart, Vienna:

          “The whole common room listened with *baited* breath.” — Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

          “Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key, with *bated* breath and whispering humbleness … .” — The Merchant of Venice

          • Welcome to the internet, the Kingdom of the self-righteous.

            Bate is an archaic verb (meaning both the passive to cease and the active to stop) and is most often used in its antique perfect form, ‘abated’. More often than not, it is misspelt by the English; but then, the spelling of the average Englishman is uniformly appalling.

            I look forward to reading you correct Arseny Stibium’s German.

          • … or, simply, the Bard is higher authority.

            Let’s not attack people here (anonymousely) for typos or their English. It’s great that German speakers are reading and contributing.

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