Sad news: Death of a formidable French luthier

Sad news: Death of a formidable French luthier


norman lebrecht

April 07, 2017

The death has been communicated of Bernard Millant, owner of one of the most respected Paris ateliers for stringed instruments and, especially, bows. Players pay up to $14,000 at auction for one of his bows.

He co-wrote the definitive book on French bows, L’Archet (2000).

Bernard was 87. Rue de Rome will never seem the same.



  • Misha Keylin says:

    Bernard Millant was a great man and a very fine expert. His opinion will continue to be respected for many decades later. He was a man of great authority but I never heard from anyone that he ever abused that power. He will be missed! @MishaKeylin

  • Beinisch says:

    The book he wrote about bows was together with Paolo Jori,an Italian physician who lived in Paris,and was a great expert of string instruments,although this was not his profession.
    Paolo died some years ago,and left his wife,the wonderful violinist Sylvie Gazeau.