Report: Veronica Kleiber, a maestro’s daughter and sister, has died

Report: Veronica Kleiber, a maestro’s daughter and sister, has died


norman lebrecht

April 06, 2017

We hear that Veronica Kleiber, daughter of Erich and sister of Carlos, has died at the Casa Verdi in Milan, aged 89.

Veronica, who said ‘I am the only non-musician in my family’, was close to her brother and instrumental in his close friendship with Claudio Abbado, for whom she worked.

She shared a few of her memories in a 2010 RAI documentary on Carlos, which can be read and heard here.

photo: Marina Evreison Arshinova


  • DESR says:

    Sad news. Dare we hope that she had some recordings of her brother’s work that could be shared outside the drawing room of Casa Verdi?

  • Sue says:

    Vale Veronica Kleiber. I wonder what it’s like living in the shadow of a giant; in this case, one who would not speak to the world unless standing in front of an orchestra.

  • marina arshinova says:

    the photo was taken from the FB page Casa Verdi. On the photo Veronica celebrates her last birthday, about a week ago. There are a few photos of her of the last years when she holds a rose in hands. As she has told me, that’s the hommage to her great Father and Brother, hommage to “Der Rosenkavalier”

  • rosella formenti says:

    I knew Veronica Kleiber: a wonderful woman!!! for ever and ever in my heart

  • rosella formenti says:

    Veronica Kleiber: a wonderful woman! For ever and ever in my heart

  • angela rigoli says:

    La foto di Veronica è stata scattata il giorno 11 maggio 2016 quando venne presentata la Rosa “Rosenkavalier Kleiber” da Veronica stessa voluta come omaggio al padre Erich e al fratello Carlos.

    Veronica ha tra le mani la prima “Rosenkavalier Kleiber” che le è stata offerta da Davide Dalla Libera il giovane vivaista creatore.

    Ci manca moltissimo!