One of these will be the next conducting star

Dallas Opera is staging a reunion for participants in its increasingly influential course for women conductors.

The following conductors will be travelling to San Francisco next week, to take part in the 2017 Hart Institute Reunion:

  • Elizabeth Askren (U.S.)
  • Natalie Murray Beale (U.K.)
  • Mihaela Cesa-Goje (Romania)

  • Alexandra Cravero (France)
  • Jessica Gethin (Australia)
  • Stephanie Rhodes (U.S.)
  • Anna Skryleva (Russia/Germany)
  • Chaowen Ting (U.S./Taiwan)
  • Lidiya Yankovskaya (U.S./Russia)
  • Zoe Zeniodi (Greece)

Some of the others are already far too busy.

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    Maybe, but I am much more interested in who will be the next truly inspired and inspiring musician on orchestral podia.

  • Give it a rest, Norm. The world doesn’t need any more young, beautiful, but terribly inexperienced woman conducting stars. One in CBSO is enough.

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