Nimby uprising over mooted Britten car park

Retired residents of Aldeburgh don’t want more visitors, apparently.

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  • Nimbyism? Did you read the article? The signatories include executant musicians, composers (recently, Turnage and Knussen), visual artists. Is this just a bit of pavement, or does it by chance include a bridge over the estuary? Will the view ruined consist mostly of a housing development or is it, by chance, a view considered by the signatories an integral part of the Aldeburgh landscape? Read the article.

  • I am horrified to note that the Graun uses the expression “musicians and composers”. A composer is /ipso facto/ a musician, and I find deplorable this linguistic practice of diminishing the implied scope of the term “musician” (I hasten to add that I do *not* subscribe to the vogue of broadening the term to include administrators, promoters, and critics). A better expression would be “performers and composers” (there is, of course, considerable overlap in the categories — both insofar as many musicians are highly accomplished in both capacities and insofar as the categories themselves are highly interdependent, particularly in improvisation –, but at least it does not marginalise the direct value and importance of composition as a living musical tradition), or just “musicians”.

  • Londoners may treat Suffolk as God’s waiting room, but some of us live and work here regardless, and would like to see its best elements survive. This article is about Snape, actually several miles away from Aldeburgh. The site in question is of special scientific interest and, regardless of what is used to mitigate car tyres and exhausts, using it as a car park will dramatically interfere with the breeding season of rare and endangered species on the flood plain. Snape Maltings is now a profitable shopping complex suitable for day trippers and other holiday makers, so it’s they, rather than simply the concert hall, needing car space. Aldeburgh Music now owns the whole complex – time for some creative thinking as to how to spend the income from the whole site rather than trash it.

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