Met musicians take it out to suffering vets

Musicians of the Metropolitan Opera, 42 of them, are playing today for injured servicemen at the 23rd Street Veterans Affairs NY Harbor Healthcare System Facility.

It’s an initiative of several members of the orchestra, a way of reaching out to a wider community. Something the instutition they work for fails signally to do.

Details here.

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  • Our sympathies should indeed reside with these men and women in the armed forces who get their limbs blown off to support such noble causes in national defense as nation building in Iraq and heroin production in Afghanistan.

    • I also heard on heroin production in Afganistan. It is weird to know that those who are called “talibs” ( or so) have never been involved in that kind of business… Afganistan is the second Vietnam for the States.

      • As it was the Russian and the British Vietnam! Let’s also not forget who introduced opium growing to Afghanistan – the British.

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