Maggio Musicale ‘needs 18 million to stay open’

Maggio Musicale ‘needs 18 million to stay open’


norman lebrecht

April 30, 2017

A new sovrintende takes over in Florence next month.

Cristiano Chiarot, formerly of La Fenice, faces an accumulated debt of 62 million Euros and immediate need for 18 million more to stay open.

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  • Ungeheuer says:

    Perfect opportunity to re engage Zubin Mehta to organize benefit concerts involving his adored Andrea Bocelli, the Two Tenors and other populist charlatans that may seat butts.

  • Olassus says:

    Shut it down for five years, till the €62 million is cleared.

    Firenze can do without!

    • JG says:

      Firenze cannot do without it, nor Tuscany, since there are fewer and fewer productions of opera being produced in the region of any quality. Florence would continue to be a museum and where Italy’s great musical traditions once began would become a musical desert. Someone must come up with the funds!

  • Mike says:

    Italy is bankrupt. I blame the EU.