In other French news, Paris opens new concert hall

In other French news, Paris opens new concert hall


norman lebrecht

April 24, 2017

The new Paris concert hall, La Seine Musicale, threw its first concerts this weekend – two by Laurence Equilbey and her Accentus and Insula ensembles, the third by Bob Dylan.

Anything else happen in France yesterday?


  • Alexander says:

    …. not much , just shooting the breeze 😉

  • Clarrieu says:

    No, nothing unexpected… Ah yes, Clermont beat Leinster 27-22 and made it to Champion’s Cup finals.

    • Alexander says:

      as far as I could understand there were 3 cars involved in the accident …. I also heard another case – almost the same day – there were 11 cars involved, the main suspect was a lady on a Mercedes, she was supposed to be saving a cat crossing the street 🙁

  • Marine Macron says:

    The beautiful Hommage à Menuhin Festival took place all weekend at the Chateau in Ville d’avray, not five kms from the new concert hall! Some of the best young musicians in the world playing chamber music together. Perfect….!

    • Alexander says:

      ( in the voice of the Owl from the end of “Meg and Mog Sneeze” cartoon – “Thank you very much, Madame Macaron ” 🙂

  • Sue says:

    What’s with the dog? Were they really playing Bach?

  • Frankster says:

    Another new concert hall in Paris! Just after the other amazing cultural complex and concert hall which opened two years ago. It has the same acoustical consultants as the Philharmonie de Paris, the new Elbephilharmonie and Walt Disney Hall. Haven’t seen any news about discussions for a new hall in London. How was your last trip to the Barbican, Norman?

    • Anon says:

      You are wrong about the acoustical consultants. Disney hall was designed by Minoru Nagata, not Mr. ‘snake oil sales man’ Toyota, who was a managing assistant in the project only.
      Philharmonie de Paris was designed after an elaborate acoustic brief from Eckhard Kahle by a team led by Sir Harold Marshall, not by Mr. Toyota.
      That this Mr. Toyota keeps trying to take credit for all kind of work he didn’t do, says all about him and his crooked ways.

    • Anon says:

      If you want to read about Mr. Toyota’s role in designing the Philharmonie de Paris, you can do so in the acknowledgments of this paper, which applauds him for staying away… :

      “Yasu Toyota of Nagata Acoustics who fulfilled his peer review role responsibly, by staying away from the design process and commenting on specific issues such as potential echoes.”

      (Toyota was “forced” onto the team as a peer reviewer by his good buddy and the lead architect of the hall Jean Nouvel. The client explicitly did not want to have Toyota involved.)

      • Frankster says:

        You sound like you have a personal axe to grind. Nagata Associates is listed as acoustic consultants for both Walt Disney Hall, the Elbphilharmonie and for many high-profile halls around the world. For the Philharmonie de Paris, it was only a part of a larger team that worked on acoustics. Toyota is listed as a company director and US representative. I wanted to thank you for the reference above which is recommended to all. Few actually understand the enormous effort and original, creative thinking that goes into each new hall. Each is a specially-created place, nothing if “off the shelf.”

        • Peter says:

          No axe to grind, but you seem to have more snake oil to sell, by presenting false credits of Toyota’s acoustical snake oil business? What’s your incentive?

    • Max Grimm says:

      “Another new concert hall in Paris!”

      Technically, no. This one’s in Boulogne-Billancourt.