Hot shot: Hollywood star is a Parsifal fan

Hot shot: Hollywood star is a Parsifal fan


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2017

Our mole at the Vienna State Opera spotted Oscar winner Nicholas Cage enjoying an Easter performance of Parsifal (eat your heart out, Perez Hilton).

Not many film actors have the Sitzfleisch for Wagner.


  • Alexander says:

    Good for him 🙂
    I’m bragging now – I was much more lucky and attended “Macbeth” with a new superstar soprano on Easter …. yay … eat your hearts Callas widows – that young lady’s voice is so outstanding and beautiful that saintly La Divina could say “brava , my dear child” to a new prodigy.
    P.S. If someone is interested – you have the chance to listen to her in Paris ( Bastille) and Berlin ( Deutsche Oper) next year. For America – you should go to Boston…. etc… All engagements are for the coming season. Dramatic soprano with high tessitura, wonderful squillo and many silvery overtones. Voice volume is immense. Timbre is out of the world. A kind of Agie’s voice ( so much loved by the ROH) multiplied by 2 point five ( with some corrections to the volume, of course).

  • Heifetz63 says:

    Her name, please!

    • Alexander says:

      I knew that 😉
      Elina Stikhina ( Russian – Elena Stikhina) – Now you can look for her somewhere between St.Petersbourg, Helsinki and ( might be) Switzerland – good luck and don’t forget that Gergiev made her a leading soprano of the Mariinsky since April ( probably foreseeing all that fuss that might be around her name very soon 😉
      I listened to her live in “La Traviata”, “Don Giovanni ( with Shagimuratova)” , “Tosca” – she is a prodigy.
      Moscow and St.Peter call her “the princess of modern opera” – and Russian critics are among the most caustic ones in the world and most of them tend to say something bad on even the biggest stars…..

  • Ann Nomynous says:

    I’ve read that Nicholas Cage is even into contemporary art music.

  • John Porter says:

    He is from quite the musical family: Carmine Coppola and Anton Coppola…

  • Vienna calling says:

    I hate to disappoint you but I saw him with his wife and two kids in Parkett left, row 18.
    He was no longer there after the first interval.

  • Russell Raphael says:

    Maybe if he combined Parsifal with football he would have stayed longer.

  • ira says:

    i suspect he left because of the kids. who brings children to parsifal?

  • Bogda says:

    William Defoe was on Good Friday performance of Parsifal in Berlin State Opera:)