Do horn players eat? smoke? ever look at conductors?

A riveting consortium of principal horns, assembled by Sarah Willis, talk about what it’s really like to be big brass.

Taking part are Julie Landsman (ex-Met), Jennifer Montone (Philadelphia), Andrew Bain (LA Phil), Tim Jones (LSO) and Stefan Dohr (Berlin Phil).

Kick back and watch. We learned a lot.

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  • I loved this video. Dedicated players with strong personalities and an idealistic attidude to their art. Would that I played the horn! Maybe in my next life.

  • Most enjoyable and heartwarming, hi-level colleagues sharing experience with lots of humor. I thunk just to dip in quickly, clicking it onto my “watch later” list, but ended by watching thru the whole vid, making myself late, but at least thereby avoiding the horns of a dilemma. The difference of personalities is amazing, a lesson for life; such contrasting characters striving for the same ideals. Sarah Willis is extraordinary, her gift for bringing people together is inspirational.

  • On the occasion of the Vienna Phil’s 150th anniversary their Concert Master was interviewed on Austrian TV. One of the interviewer’s questions was “How is it that irrespective of which maestro stands on the podium, the orchestra always produces the same beautiful tone?” The musician replied “We don’t look up,”

    • That explains why most VPO recordings these days are mediocre aside from the sound production… They appoint have beens like Ozawa as a. Dirs. and all you see in their social media posts are a never-ending succession of fancy g. Dirs. like Dudamel… A beautiful sound is not enough…

  • One of the best videos I ever heard. Thanks to the panelists who gave honest responses about their professional lives. A fascinating insight to performing on the most difficult (in my opinion) musical instrument. Sarah did a great job in setting up the right atmosphere for the panel to be relaxed and open. Would love to hear this format with other instrumentalists too. A professional musicians’ Desert Island Disks scenario maybe?

    • Dear Britcellist,
      I agree that this video is great. There’s something heartwarming and exhilarating about it. Doing something similar with other instruments is a great idea. Why not start with the cello and why don’t you yourself do it?

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