Chethams in ‘exceptional health’, says new head

Chethams in ‘exceptional health’, says new head


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2017

Helen Pidd, the Guardian’s northern editor, has written an immaculate piece about the private music school’s bid to reinvent itself with a new head and a new concert hall after four years coping with historic allegations of student abuse.

Alun Jones, the new head, says: ‘I have inherited a school in exceptional health, always looking back with care at the students and anyone in our family who was hurt. But my job is also to make sure that any lessons that had to be learnt have to be learnt.’

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  • exChetsParent says:

    …. lipstick on a pig….

  • Henry Purcell says:

    Surely it’s a bit premature, Mr Jones suggesting a clean bill of health, whilst the sexual abuse enquiry into Music schools, (including Chets, Purcell & Menhuin only a few years ago), is still under ongoing Police & Government scutiny…..
    It’s commendably optimistic of Mr Jones, & such a shame the hapless tormented Purcell School didn’t replace it’s former Head, Peter Crook (who fled to teach in Repton School Dubai [redacted]) with him as favoured candidate to replace Crook at Purcell when he left under scrutiny.
    Instead, hatchet man David Thomas was brought in to sack all those who blew the whistle on Purcellgate, then after a very short tenure, left the music school still without a Director of Music, taking refuge at Winchester school where he tries to run the music there now….
    Recent news re Purcellgate is that Peter Crook & his boss, the Head at Repton Dubai [redacted] are both leaving there at the same time very soon……
    Maybe word has finally got out [redacted]