Boston Symphony plucks violinist from Houston

Boston Symphony plucks violinist from Houston


norman lebrecht

April 07, 2017

Lisa Ji Eun Kim of the Houston Symphony Orchestra has passed the audition to join the Boston Symphony.

A Juilliard grad, Lisa is originally from San Diego.

She starts in Boston in September.



  • Phil Artéaux says:

    H’mm, can’t say I’ve ever known anyone be plucked – must be painful.

  • Bemused says:

    Very happy for her, and yet bemused that this rather normal and typical type career progession of a fine section player merits and article and yet the Houston Symphony Conductor’s 3 year contract extension (a man who is also MD of Franfurt Radio and principal guest of LPO) does not…Interesting editorial choices.

  • Brian Hughes says:

    And this is a major classical music story because?

  • Thumbs up says:

    Lisa is a terrific violinist! Boston is very lucky.

  • johnny depp says:

    Lol, she was in the grand finals 4 times. xD