America’s next opera is about the entry ban

We reported in January about the UK-Iranian composer Soosan Lolavar who had been told she could not re-enter the US to witness the premiere of her first opera, ID, Please.

Since then, the travel ban has been eased to allow dual nationals with a British passport to enter the US. Ms Lolavar is presently in Pittsburgh, attending the premiere this weekend.

Three lines from her libretto seem extraordinarily timely:

I clutch my passport so hard my hand hurts /I’m never going back to where I’m from / I do not like the way you look at me like that.

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  • What will be the next contemporary opera that is really produced, on a subject supposed to relate it to ‘real life’? ‘Brexit und Isolde’? ‘That’s how they do it all’ about war refugees in the EU? ‘ISIS und Osiris’?

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