American soprano wins Vienna contest

The winner of the 10th Hilde Zadek competition is Monica Dewey, 27, a soprano from Atlanta, now based in Bloomington, Indiana.

The competition is a major gateway to European opera stages.

Its founder, soprano Hilde Zadek, will turn 100 later this year.

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      • He’s referring to the “preview” pictures that you see on the main SD page, before clicking on and opening the respective threads. The system(?) seems to focus on the center of the given images while resizing them to smaller preview sizes, often resulting in the preview image being a close-up of a person’s breasts/chest.

        • Exactly. It may seem a small complaint, but it looks slapdash and unprofessional. It also makes it hard to understand what an item is going to be about, since most of us recognise musicians (and others) by their faces.

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