16 crosses that sopranos have to bear

They are the most put-upon, misunderstood, undervalued, empathetic and altogether quintessential members of the operatic ecology. So why don’t we try harder to be nice to sopranos?

Think what they have to put up with. Click here for the 16 stations of the soprano world.

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  • Very funny. Also because sopranos tend to be divas, as do most other high tessitura instrumentalists (looking at you violinists, oboists, and trumpeters).

    • Don’t forget flute players. I think we are worse than anyone except possibly trumpeters.

      Basically though, it’s true that the lower the instrument, the pleasanter the person. (Compare your average flutist’s personality with that of your average bassoonist; likewise trumpet vs tuba and violin vs bass.)

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