There’s a new curriculum coming in the fall, dumbed down to order.

Students will no longer have to study theory or to read music.

From October,  you can apparently major in music at Harvard without taking a single course in theory or music history.

Details here.

Spanish media are reporting that the composer and conductor Oscar Colomina Bosch has been appointed director of music at the Menuhin School.

He is presently professor of orchestration at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

He succeeds Malcolm Singer, his sometime teacher.

The letter that the Guardian has been reluctant to publish – a rebuttal by musicians of a stupid article on ‘elitist’ teaching of children to read music – has gained some extra names and newsworthiness.

We hear that around 400 musicians have now signed, including Sir Simon Rattle, Sir James MacMillan, Colin Matthews and Sarah Connolly.

No word yet from the Guardian about publication. They are not coming out of this well.

Read the full letter here.


Franz Welser-Möst today named Vinay Parameswaran, 29, as his assistant conductor, as well as music director of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra.

A Curtis grad from San Francisco, Vinay is presently associate conductor with the Nashville Symphony. He starts work in August, succeeding Brett Mitchell, who is moving up to be music director of the Colorado Symphony.

photo: Sally Bebawy

The orchestra has announced the death of concertmaster Thomas Brandis, a member of the orchestra throughout the Karajan glory years, from 1962 to 1983. He was recrruited from Hamburg at the age of 26.

Thomas, who died on March 30, was 81.

He was last seen at the Philharmonie at the opening concert of the orchestra’s incoming music director, Kirill Petrenko. Among other teaching posts, he was visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

He founded and led the Brandis Quartet for 25 years.

The Bavarian Radio music director has announced he has a cold this week.

His eleventh-hour sub is Cristian Macelaru, who made his debut with the orchestra just last month.

Macelaru, 37, is the newly named music director of the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music.

Russians are sharing video of a violinist who was arrested during rehearsal in the Volga town of Cheboksary. Andrei Osipov was accused of taking part in an anti-Putin demonstration.

Please share this document of Russian today. One arrest among thousands.

As a general rule, we avoid publishing the regular proclamations of the ageing Bad Boy of British music – I’m giving up classical music, I’m leaving England, that sort of thing.

But Nigel Kennedy has just picked a fight with the Bad Boy of German music and we thought you ought to know about it as there may be consequences.

Nigel was asked by Die Welt what he thought of David. He replied: ‘David can play the violin. He finds the right notes.’

He went on: ‘I like to play new pieces. David plays last night’s stuff.’

And: ‘Käme David Garrett zu mir auf die Bühne, würde ich sagen: Runter hier!“’

Which, in the original English was probably ‘If David came up to me on stage I’d tell him to fuck off.’

The German tabloids are full of it today, just as Nigel intended.

The Birmingham music director says she prefers to conduct classical music without a stick.

‘It’s a holiday for my hands and fingers,’ she says in LA, in the best footage yet seen of her in rehearsal.