Zimmerman’s Strad sells in London for £1.9 million

Press release:

The Ex-Croall; McEwen Stradivari violin was sold today, at auction, by Ingles & Hayday for £1,920,000

Considered by leading authority W.E. Hill & Sons as a fine example of Antonio Stradivari’s violins from the 1680’s, the instrument represents a key stage in the development of the luthier’s distinctive style. The violin, which is in fine condition, has a back crafted from a single piece of maple with irregular flame and Stradivari’s trademark golden varnish.  Notable performers who have played the Ex-Croall; McEwen include Frank Peter Zimmermann (who performed on the instrument between 1985 and 1990), Alexander Gilman, and Suyeon Kim.

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  • Did Zimmerman actually own this Strad, or did he lease it from an entrepreneur who is no longer interested in the leasing business?

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