What’s music worth to New York? $21 billion, says the Mayor

What’s music worth to New York? $21 billion, says the Mayor


norman lebrecht

March 10, 2017

London is some way behind, apparently.

A survey by Boston Consulting Group, finds that the music industry contributes $21 billion to New York’s economy, accounting for 60,000 jobs, and a $5 billion wage bill.

More tickets are sold to live music in New York City – 5.4 million in 2015 – than anywhere else. London sold 4.2 million, Los Angeles 1.7 million.

More stats here.


  • Steve P says:

    Color me skeptical, but the report link is a dead end. Would love to see methodology for this study.

    • Brian says:

      Agree completely that the study’s methodology must be publicly transparent (and the link to the report at the end of the piece goes to a 404 page at nyc.gov). And some perspective on the corporatization of the arts, along with the management chaos at Lincoln Center — which has been so hotly debated at this very site — would be helpful. What I’m hoping the mayor understands beyond some stats that may help his marketing is the critical place that the arts must have in any society besieged by tyrants and plutocrats.

  • Banyon Giberman says:

    This study is clearly about popular music and those stats seem correct. Just look at the numbers of pop music concerts at MSG / Beacon / Barclay Center on a weekly basis. Add to that the mid sized and small venues (Webster Hall, Joe’s Pub) and it makes sense. In looking at salaries, just look at the number of people employed by the those places and add to that the record industry which still has a foothold in NYC. Makes complete sense why these numbers dwarf London.

  • Dave says:

    I seriously doubt all that money referred to was about the classical music industry.

  • Roger Custer says:

    Not to the Met, apparently