Vienna’s luxury sub

Hans-Peter König has pulled out as Gurnemanz in the new Parsifal production, opening tomorrow.


No Panic.

Rene Pape calmly steps in to the general rehearsal and first two nights.

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  • Pape has been singing that role (and others: Sarastro!) on autopilot for years. Put the fee in the top and the notes come out of the…

    • That is unduly harsh. Yes, he knows the role in his sleep, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good. If I were a ticket holder I would be pleased with this replacement.

  • When a singer can jump in for just the dress rehearsal and then perform, it reminds us that opera lacks theatrical dimension. A Gesamtkunst it is not.

  • When the artist is Rene Pape, yes. I was there for his very first Gernamanz about a dozen years ago at the Met. He was brilliant on his first outing, and his interpretation has only deepened since. (Erik: Hardly on auto-pilot.) Whatever “theatrical dimension” you feel is lacking in opera, it has plenty of musical dimension. I trust you are not a professional performer or theater impresario.

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