The Times names head of music in sex abuse case

The Times names head of music in sex abuse case


norman lebrecht

March 03, 2017

The Times newspaper has obtained a court order enabling it to name the head of music at Wellington College, a Berkshire private school, who has been suspended over alleged sex offences.

The charges relate to Ampleforth, the Roman Catholic School, in the 1980s (pictured).

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  • Alexander Davidson says:

    It is unclear whether it is accurate to say, ‘The charges relate to the man’s previous post at Ampleforth’. Mr Farrell was a pupil at Ampleforth from 1977 until 1985, but neither the media reports nor the detailed biographical information available online suggest that he held a ‘post’ at Ampleforth. What I have read is only that the offences are alleged to have taken place at Ampleforth. Of course, it is quite possible that Mr Farrell may have been employed at Ampleforth in some capacity during the 1980s, when the offences are alleged to have taken place, and that it has not been recorded in his various online biographies because his role was very junior (he was a student at York until 1989 and then at the RAM for a year from 1989 until 1990). This is worth mentioning because if the alleged offences did relate to a position of employment which Mr Farrell may have had at Ampleforth it is very likely that the College would bear some legal liability (in a civil court) for his actions while he was acting in that capacity. The available information at the moment, however, seems only to substantiate the claim that the alleged offences took place on the College’s premises, which, legally, is a very different matter.

    [redacted: legal]

  • Jennylee says:

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