The flight from Lincoln Center continues

The flight from Lincoln Center continues


norman lebrecht

March 02, 2017

Valerie Guy, director of artistic planning and administration at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center since 2002, has handed in her notice. She’s heading for a job in Santa Fe.

Lots more Lincoln people are feeling unsettled by the upcoming building works.


  • Paul Pelkonen says:

    This is a spurious comment at best. While it is true that David Geffen Hall, home of the New York Philharmonic is set to undergo a massive planned renovation, Alice Tully Hall which is the home of the Chamber Music Society and is located in a different building on the other side of W. 65th St. has already undergone renovations and re-opened way back in 2009. One organization and venue has nothing to do with the other, aside from the fact that they are both part of the Lincoln Center complex.

    • MacroV says:

      2002 may seem like yesterday, but it was 15 years ago; that’s a lot of time in one job. People change jobs once in a while.

  • Larry says:

    Macrov is quite right. Arts administration is like “dog years:” one year equals seven!

  • David Rowe says:

    Hi Norman, are you aware of something the rest of us – even those (like me) who know Valerie well and received this news personally from her a short while ago – do not? It seems misleading (at best), and perhaps even irresponsible to imply her departure is in any way linked to issues at Lincoln Center. Valerie’s public (and private) statements have only ever mentioned her desire to relocate to Santa Fe after 15 years (!) at the Chamber Music Society. (Again, unless you have specific information, in which case, if you are going to make such oblique allegations, I would hope you’d share it….)

  • Itsjtime says:

    I want to announce that I, too have left Lincoln Center. I have moved on from the Juilliard precollege division. It is not technically a part of Lincoln Center. But it is next door the new Geffen hall. The construction and general disturbance of major renovation would be a pain in my a**. So I want to make my departure final. Class of ’96 Juilliard prep students unite!

  • Valerie Guy says:

    Oh Norman, give me a break. I’m changing planes at DFW as I type this, on my way out to Santa Fe to find a place to live when I come out in April. I’m so excited to actually get the chance to live in the place I’ve returned to like a moth to flame every year for the 22 years I’ve been in Manhattan, and I’m so sad to be leaving an organization that has been a wonderful home for fifteen years and is a stunning success story in these challenging times, and I couldn’t care less about what’s happening across the street except to give a ‘go guys!’ fist pump to my buds at the Phil, and I’m amazed at my good luck that someone with the initials Marc Neikrug, who is a genius, had the good sense to be programming a festival in heaven on earth. Don’t rain on my parade.

  • Doug says:

    So if you’re pretending to be a woman but you’re really a guy and you like guys and not women, doesn’t that make you a homophobe? Think about it.