The counter-tenor who beat cancer

The counter-tenor who beat cancer


norman lebrecht

March 26, 2017

Anthony Roth Costanzo talks to Living the Classical Life about his cancer diagnosis at the age of 26, about spending time naked on stage and being gay in the opera profession.

An exuberantly self-revealing interview.


Photo: Richard Hubert Smith/English National Opera



  • Cyril Blair says:

    Official confirmation that when you sleep completely hairless, it feels like you wet the bed.

  • R. Brite says:

    Wow, nice Twitter compliment from Glass re his Akhnaten.

  • Brian Stein says:

    Anthony hosted the Met HD transmission of Luisa Miller this afternoon. I’m not sure anyone in the theatre knew who he was. My first thought was that he might be a counter-tenor. When I got home, I Googled him. I was pleasantly astounded the more I read about his career and all the accolades he’s received. What a terrific interview, what an insight into the life of a young opera singer. Thanks you very much.

  • Swissmellen says:

    So glad someone else noticed. We have suffered through some not very good hosts on the MET HD over the years, with bigger names, too.
    For me, Anthony can host every time. His love of music, his enthusiasm and his innate kindness plus the ability to turn something often awkward into a genuine exchange is a gift. Thank you whoever decided to give him a chance.

    He is an amazing person.

    • Angus says:

      He was one of the most intelligent and informed hosts/interviewers that have hosted the Met broadcasts. His smarts and knowledge were impossible to miss. He was great.

  • Lisa Oswald says:

    Great interview with a very insightful and honest individual. I look forward to following his career.

  • Judy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed his interview technique. I agree – He can host The Met in HD every time. What a smile – great teeth, too! I am a new fan!

  • Surflover says:

    And what a great singer in Akhnaten here in Los Angeles. He was brilliant vocally and riveting dramatically.