Outrage in Moscow as music professor teaches ‘enemies of the people’

A compulsory new lecture course, ‘The Cultural Policies in Russia’, was added to the Moscow Conservatoire syllabus this year.

From the beginning, there have been complaints that it amounts to state propaganda with Stalinist overtones.

A few days ago there appeared on Youtube a student reading aloud a list of ‘state enemies’ and ‘fifth columnists, among them some promnent cultural ersonalities.

He was reading it under the orders of professor Farida Kulmuhametova.

The student and the class tried to make light of the list, but the teacher’s intention was serious.

We understand that Ms Kulmuhametova resigned yesterday and has left the institution.

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  • According to the Trump Administration, in the US the Free Press is public enemy number one…………………..

  • If reading “the Free Press in the US” makes members of the “public” such as yourself believe that Russian mass media these days are anywhere near their American counterparts in terms of being independent from their respective current governments, then, astonishingly, “the Trump Administration” may not be so wrong on that one issue.

    • While the Russian ‘free’ press depends on their present government, the American ‘free’ press lives still in the past, thus the current disharmony between the American ‘free’ press and the White House. Why being really free when it is more advantageous to be ‘partisan’?

      • And yet, the range of opinions in American media, available for those of us who seek information rather than simple validation of our point of view, is as wide as ever, which makes this kind of “disharmony” much better than, and vastly preferable to, the Russian version of marching in virtual unison with their dictatorial government’s party line.

  • Welcome to the world of modern democracies and the Thought Police of the Left and its long march through the institutions!

  • A course in cultural policies could provide useful information when it is highly probable that the student’s future employer is the State. Maybe professor Kulmuhametova was only overzealous in her Stalinist nostalgia.

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