One of the great Requiems of my life

One of the great Requiems of my life


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2017

The Lebrecht Album of the Week is self-recommending.

I have seldom sat among a more rapt London audience, not a cough in eighty minutes. Every individual in the orchestra displayed ferocious concentration. And, best of all, the quartet of soloists … were chosen for colour and character rather than name recognition…

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  • Neil van der Linden says:

    It sounds like it was a spinechilling experience. Your remarks about the recording mirror what has for become a reason to shun LSO live recordings, the acoustics of the Barbican, that make every recording made there a torturing experience.
    This is not to support the idea, not supported by you, that the orchestra needs a new hall. I just don’t know why sound technique cannot do something about this.

  • Saxon Broken says:

    I was at the concert and the thing I remember most is the resonant frequency of some of the fittings was set off by the brass (I think) so that the second half of the concert was accompanied by a loud buzzing hum. Shame because is was a great performance.