NY Philharmonic to release Toscanini home movies

NY Philharmonic to release Toscanini home movies


norman lebrecht

March 19, 2017

Two releases coming up:

An online exhibition, The Toscanini Era, which will include rare footage of the maestro shot by principal trumpet Harry Glantz. This is scheduled to go live in the last days of March. Check the NY Phil website.

And, on April 7, New York Philharmonic—175th Anniversary Edition, a 65-CD Philharmonic box, 1917 to 1995, will be out from Sony Classical.


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Isn’t he the conductor who said to the orchestra- I hate you all for you ruin my dreams or something similar ?

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      That was the Toscanini Hater Club’s first comment. But ‘il vecchio’ was greater than that.

  • bye bye says:

    “65-CD Philharmonic box … from Sony Classical”

    1) Makes an excellent door stop.
    2) Who buys CDs anymore? And who buys 65-CD boxes anymore?
    3) If I inherited a 65-CD box of anything (who else would take them but in an inheritance?), the first thing I’d do is to test how aerodynamic CDs are today, by flinging each one of them as hard as I could across the Great Lawn of Central Park.

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      A distinctive and mostly undiscussed feature of the Internet is that someday someone is going to extinguish most of what remain of high culture in writings and recordings in a single act – pulling the electric cable and putting people like you in the dark.

      • bye bye says:

        Come on, admit it, you know you’ve converted your entire 10,000 CD collection to mp3 format and loaded onto your iPod Nano which you keep in your breast pocket and use exclusively to listen to all your music, while your physical CDs are all stacked in the garage in plastic bags, hoping they won’t get moldy in the dark.

        • Sam the NYLIC says:

          How about putting it ALL on a 4TB hard-drive? And hooking a 200W amplifier and Monster Surround system to it?

          • Petros Linardos says:

            How much will the equipment, hardware and software cost?

            How much time or money would one spend to digitize 2,000 cds?

            Besides, CDs work for me. If it works, why fix it?

    • Cubs Fan says:

      Well I still buy cds and have no intention of stopping until no one makes them anymore. But every month there are still hundreds of new classical cds released. My collection is vast, out of control, and I love it. I don’t care if much of it could be put on my phone as an mp3 – great music needs a great sound system. My English made 800 watt surround sound system with blows any ipod/iPhone out of the water. But I’m a dinosaur. Those huge boxes though are not a good idea – too big, too hard to store, too much duplication from earlier purchases.

    • harold braun says:

      I do buy those.Recently bought Charles Munch complete RCA recordings,RCA Living Stereo 3,complete Stravinsky Sony collectin,Carnegie Hall 125,and many more.
      Don’t want this download fastfood crap.Same as i want real books to read.

    • John says:

      I buy them. I’m working my way through the great 10-CD set of great broadcasts, recordings from the 20s through the 90s.

  • David Boxwell says:

    The recently issued “Toscanini: the Essential Recordings” from Sony (20 remastered CDs of the Screamer’s best, including 3 complete operas) is certainly worth the cost of 4 movie tickets.

  • Seth Lubin says:

    With all the cheap memory there is no reason to download any file to MP3. The Flac file can contain the entire 96/24 file. The CD releases are so cheap now because the RedBook standard for CD compromises the sound. I don’t see the purpose of advertising that recordings have been remastered on a Flac 96/24 file only to be compromised with CD quality. It is a shame the SACD standard never caught on as that replicates the high quality file.
    As it is no matter what file you transfer to an iPod, iPhone or iPad as the original file on your computer is reduced to the smallest MP3 file.
    While the sales of vinyl are increasing and one can piurchase so many High Definition files, there is no reason to keep purchasing Apple or Amazon MP3 files.