Canada high: new chief at Honens

The Canadian pianist Jon Kimura Parker has been named artistic director of the Honens International Piano Competition, starting in January 2018.

Parker says: ‘The triennial Competition and annual Festival have become focal points of artistic and musical expression for the city of Calgary and, indeed, for all of Canada. Having performed in Calgary for more than 30 years, I have always been met with the warmest possible welcome and a sense of joy in discovering the artistic possibilities of great piano music. I am absolutely thrilled to become the Artistic Director of Honens. This is a beautifully-run organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the vast riches of piano music and to identifying young musicians who have artistic vision.’


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  • Parker is wonderful. This is a great move.

    I am only aware of the Honens Festival because it was the first org I ever received a notice from regarding a vacancy – “let us know if you’re interested, or if you can recommend anyone else!” – shortly after I received my first impressive job title.

  • Perfect choice! JKP is one of the most respected musicians of Canada. So happy to see this news!

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