Survey: Listening to music improves your chance of having sex

Survey: Listening to music improves your chance of having sex


norman lebrecht

March 06, 2017

We’re not sure why this press release, a year old, has just dropped into the Slipped Disc inbox. But its content may be of interest to those of you who still play records at home.

The survey claims to show that two people who listen to music together in a private place are more likely to end up in bed together than those who don’t.

The survey, with 30,000 respondents, asserts that people who say they listen to music out loud together have 67 percent more sex, and almost a quarter of people would rather give up sex than music.

Full press release here.


  • Alexander says:

    what if one listens to the music live at the theatre or concert hall ? just over from a wonderful recital of one of the world’s top coloratura sopranos ( Maria – it was just (sic!) 10 USD for the very best seat and I even was granted a dance with her when she stepped down to the first row for “encore” singing ” Meine lippen … ” …. yay 😉 … International Women’s Day ( on March 8th) is coming 😉

    • Bruce says:

      Once, I found out after a chamber music concert (in a hotel lobby) that a couple had been caught having sex behind a potted palm during my piece. I didn’t notice anything during the performance — I was busy, and I suppose they tried to keep it very quiet.

      • John Borstlap says:

        Composers have to be very carefully with the term ‘Alla fornicaccia’.

        • Alexander says:

          all I can say – I love “La conocchia” by Donizetti 😉 ; “alla fornicaccia” sounds quite an ambiguously in this context 🙂

    • Peter Freeman says:

      Who? Where?

      • Alexander says:

        if you are that Peter Freeman from Facebook ( London, last publicly seen post with Sivan Rotem) just say “yes, I am” and I will let you know via FB private message 😉 my page on FB is open , so I am going to post a picture with that lady on it soon 😉 – just on a stage after the recital 😉 …. incredible voice – warm, clear, round, big and with a lot of those silvery overtones which make a great soprano , not a ” screaming saw”…..

  • brian says:

    My question for these researchers is: why would anyone want — even hypothetically — to consider the possibility of giving up either? These so-called social scientists always seem to hoist themselves by their own petard.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    What about playing chamber music together?

    • Bruce says:

      There are couples who do/can play chamber music together successfully, but I have been in a few chamber music situations where boyfriend & girlfriend don’t get along musically (& sometimes personality-wise). E.g. one where the girlfriend spent the whole rehearsal saying “no sweetie, you’re doing it wrong — it goes like this” and another where the boyfriend was sarcastic and dismissive until the girlfriend told him to “stop being so fucking condescending,” whereupon he behaved himself.

      My spouse is a pianist and we get along better than we used to 🙂 (I would try a different phrasing and he would ask “was that a joke?” Now I’m careful to let him know what I’d like to try before trying it, and we negotiate everything — or at least, everything that differs from his original conception 😛 )

      • Jaybuyer says:

        Too much information!
        Btw, filthy lucre must be an aphrodisiac, too. A photo was doing the rounds on the Internet recently of people patiently waiting near a cashpoint while an amorous couple completed their transaction.

      • John Borstlap says:

        The Quartetto Italiano, one of the best quartets there ever were, is said to have had internal relationships in the beginning of the q’s career, fostering such mutual anger, frustration, and mood swings, that this made them the best interpreters of Beethoven, especially the erratic last quartets.

  • John Borstlap says:

    According to my PA, this is ‘absulutely not true’. She had tried it out many times when young with ‘Turangulila’, the ‘War Requiem’, ‘Sur Incises’, and especially with ‘Gesang der Jünglinge’, but her prospective lovers all left the room after a couple of minutes.

  • Alvaro says:

    1 YR old is actually quite novel for this blog. Usually the opinions expressed here are 200-300 years old….

    • John Borstlap says:

      If we reduce the nr of years due to exaggeration…… that were the periods when most of the repertoire was written, music that still is as alive as ever.