‘Kurt Moll expanded my awareness of what the human voice can do’

The voice teacher Claudia Friedlander attended a 2011 New York masterclass by the German bass, who died yesterday. Here’s what she learned:

At 72, the veteran bass has the most perfectly coordinated, expressive, and economically produced voice I have ever heard at close range. In fact, I’ve never even heard anyone come close to comparing with his ability to project even the softest of utterances so that they fill the hall and make every listener feel as though he were speaking directly to them. 

Listening to him expanded my awareness of what it is possible for the human voice to do… 

Read on here.


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    • One of those truly great voices instantly recognisable after one or two notes. Luckily many examples of his great art are preserved for posterity. He was also a genuinely ‘gentle’ and nice man. Rest in peace.

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