Italian showdown: Bologna boycotts Rossini Festival

Italian showdown: Bologna boycotts Rossini Festival


norman lebrecht

March 18, 2017

Graham Spicer reports from Milan that the Teatro Communale di Bologna has ended its involvement with the Rossini Festival at Pesaro after 30 years.

Bologna felt it was not getting enough credit (read: subsidy) for its work.

The Rossini Festival now has four months to find an orchestra and chorus. Read here.


  • Alexander says:

    many names emerged from that festival….

  • Olassus says:

    — looks like this really is happening, not some ploy
    — will diminish ROF
    — Bologna’s reasoning is solid
    — second 1/2 of story, equally important, is missing: Bologna will align with Festival Verdi (di Parma e Busseto)
    — coincides (miraculously) with Bologna chief Michele Mariotti’s career shift from Rossini to Verdi
    — raises alarming question of Teatro Regio di Parma’s own participation in Festival Verdi already has

  • Olassus says:

    — ROF already has lost Alberto Zedda this year

  • scott goff says:

    Sounds like Rossini’s difficult relationship with the citizens of his home town, Pesaro, isn’t over. He got ticked off at them for insulting him and never went back. Bologna could do a better job of a Rossini festival (wouldn’t it be wonderful?) in a town that treated him well. Bologna’s participation in Parma’s delightful Verdi festival should work well.