How musical is Roger Federer? Watch this…

The timing is, as you’d expect, exquisite.

And there’s a cameo from Novak Djokovic.


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  • Total technical machination. Auto tune to no end. Not sure it’s even them who do the singing. It might be overdubbed.

  • Matchless teamwork! They do great service here with the net result that a new standard is set. Amazingly, none of them are court making a terrible racquet, that speaks volleys….. errr, volumes. Possibly, Tommy haas a break point in his voice at one instant but overall they get deep below the surface…. a sort of état de grass, more Warbled-on than wimbledon. Let’s hope for some sentimental old Victorian songs next, such as “After the ball.”

    Great fun video, and Bravo Roger for a wonderful recent comeback!

  • It’s so obviously dubbed! Check the lyo syncs that are out. No mica yet theire all “enhanced”. He’s a superb tennis player but anyone who thinks he’s singing this has been fooled.

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