How Beethoven 7th got a Cuban beat

Joachim Horsley discovered it.

We like: Beethoven’s 7th, Movement 2, performed in a Cuban Rumba style, with all instruments created from the piano itself.


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  • Wonderfully refreshing, but then the 7th, as Wagner called it, is the apotheosis of the dance!!

    Bring on Ed Balls!!!

  • Why use such a serious and beautiful work…. and not invent something yourself that is more compatible with the performance idea?

      • Except that Beethoven the great keyboard improviser, wrote variations on others’ music, including the sacrosanct Mozart. It’s a tribute, and speaks to great music’s ability to remain relevant some 200 years after its composition.

  • Love it and I’m sure that Beethoven would not object. Earl Wild would relish it.
    Liszt would also be amazed at that transcription. No music is set in stone. Relax.

    The great composers all did it. Are we now going to chastise Beethoven, Liszt, Bach, Rachmaninov, Wagner and others for ‘tampering’ with original works? It is not a desecration but a tribute to a great symphony.

  • How delightful that this stirring music (the original is a funeral march) can be so convincingly transformed. Isn’t music wonderful?

  • Delightful. It does not hurt Beethoven at all, but rather proves the greatness of this movement once again and in a new original way.

  • Boy, there are so many IDIOTS who do that and on top of that there are ones who publicize it and bring it to public attention, further ruining the taste and promoting utmost disrespect for music.
    Schreklich und idiotisch!

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