First blood to ex-Toronto Symphony boss as judge rules rich wife ‘vindictive’

First blood to ex-Toronto Symphony boss as judge rules rich wife ‘vindictive’


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2017

An Ontario judge has criticised Eleanor McCain, heiress ex-wife of the former Toronto Symphony boss Jeff Melanson, of deliberately delaying the divorce in an attritional strategy.

McCain’s lawyers have said she is too busy to meet a June deadline because she is recording an album.

Ontario Justice Carolyn Horkins ruled that she ‘has pursued a vindictive, time-consuming and costly approach.’

Melanson, she added, ‘has had to borrow money from friends and family, use his line of credit and sell his condominium … He is unemployed and cannot find a new job. (McCain) does not deny that she has embarked on a vindictive path . . . and she will stop at nothing to ruin (Melanson) professionally and financially.’

Melanson is seeking a $5 million settlement.

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  • Andy says:

    Plenty of jobs out there. Not many for someone who only wants to be in control, and have unlimited resources to spend as he sees fit, regardless of a horrendous track record, and the ruins in his wake.

    Perhaps it’s time to join ranks with the hard-working folks who actually keep the arts afloat (to the extent it’s possible to do so), and report to someone who knows how to run an organization well.

    Some people, in spite of how they see themselves, aren’t predestined to lead.

    The really smart thing to do is get a job, do someone else’s bidding, work for a living, and end the year-long, travel-filled vacation. Justifying exorbitant travel expenses as “job hunting” is disingenuous; most organizations will provide transportation and hotel for an interview — if they’re interested in the possibility of hiring someone. No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find work.

    The judge got duped. Why am I not surprised?