Exclusive: Bucharest opera boss is jailed for six years

Exclusive: Bucharest opera boss is jailed for six years


norman lebrecht

March 28, 2017

Sentenced was passed today on Răzvan Ioan Dincă, chief executive of Bucharest National Opera.

He will serve six years for abuse of office, plus 315 days in lieu of a fine.

The sentence has not been reported yet in Romania, where the government is trying to abolish the anti-corruption laws.


  • Nicoleta Dascălu says:

    This is not the definitive sentence. He can still appeal against it in 10 days.

    • Iuliana Cotelia says:

      @ Nicoleta Dascalu: The fact that he can appeal just shows he has the right to contest the decision. The right to appeal doesn’t imply the sentence is right or wrong

  • Sanda Schuldmann says:

    Now may be Alina Cojocaru one of the greatest ballerinas ever, can return for the betterment of the entire country and beyond.

    • Nicoleta Dascălu says:

      Alina did not leave Romania because of Răzvan Dincă. On the contrary. She was forced to leave in April 2016, when Dincă was already suspended and the former Minister of Culture changed the interim manager of the Opera several times, producing a series of most terrible events that led to the departure of several dancers and to a severe decrease in the quality of the performances.

      • Andrew says:

        Mrs Alina Cojocaru, as well as Mr Kobborg, were hired by Razvan Ian Dinca.. this simple fact does not leave any doubt that the ballet couple were stepping on shaky grounds from the very beginning of their contract with the Bucharest Opera and that they made a huge mistake for being on Dinca’s side and serving his and their own (finanacial?) interests.
        Btw, I haven’t heard anything about the “illustrious” continuing career of Mr Kobborg, where is he? If he was sooooo amazing, what happened to him now?

        • Nicoleta Dascălu says:

          I see no problem in Dincă’s hiring Kobborg and Alina Cojocaru. What shaky grounds are you talking about?
          On the other hand, have you seen the ballets at the Bucharest National Opera while Kobborg was here? It was a completely new, extremely high level and amazing universe.
          Mr. Kobborg is fine now, thank you. 🙂

          • Andrew says:

            Haha made me laugh.. “What shaky grounds..?” Well, the shaky grounds that lead for Mr Director Dinca to be imprisoned for six years! It’s all so clear..
            Mr Kobborg does not seem fine at all, he still posts curious statements on his social media..one year after his departure to nowhere.. He probably thaught that he can do whatever he wants in Romania. You should search into his dismission from the Royal Ballet in London – he was dismissed, because he wanted to monopolize the company with no right, so he was kicked off! It’s as simple as that!

  • Răzvan says:

    J. Kobborg came at BNO when Răzvan Dincă was manager.
    Alina Cojocaru came at BNO to dance as a special guest Few times.
    J. Kobborg left BNO after april 2016 Events. He Said that he will come Back only if the manager will Be Răzvan Dinca or George Calin ( Dinca’s artistic director).


    • Nicoleta Dascălu says:

      No wonder Kobborg said he would come back only with Dincă or Călin. The other interims were just lousy and unprofessional. He had a long term plan, agreed with the manager who hired him.

      • Razvan says:

        Why? Because the other interims follow the LAW? :))))
        This is sooooo unprofessional….
        Meanwhile at BNO New ballets: Gheorghe Iancu’s Swan Lake, Carlos Villan’s on Manuel de Falla’s music…or Renato Zanella’s Romeo and Juliet!
        By the way, great job, Renato!

        • Nicoleta Dascălu says:

          One last comment: compare Iancu, Villan and Zanella to MacMillan, Ashton, Forsythe and Balanchine. And then we can talk. 🙂

          • Razvan says:

            You mixed Up things:

            there is a time in life when if you don’t put yourself some Questions, you may loose the whole picture… Even if you SEE perfectly the details.

            if you LOVE ART, music, ballet, you don’t compare Kodaly with Bartok, Balanchine with Ashton, Zanella with Kobborg etc

            You may Like or not an artist or His WORKS, But it’s not a horse competition, otherwise you may go in an area about style, context, national schools, history of arts, a lot of tools that will make you SEE ART Through an artist’s Eyes.

  • Sena V. says:

    “Duamna” Nicoleta Dascălu: The other interims were put there to do justice! There is no decrease in the quality of performances now at BNO. Never was! That’s slander. The BNO Ballet is doing just fine! They are great again! Your actions on social media are shameful and pitty..