Bob Dylan to open new Paris concert hall

Bob Dylan to open new Paris concert hall


norman lebrecht

March 05, 2017

He couldn’t be bothered to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony, but the old rocker is booked to open La Seine Musicale, the new concert centre in the west of Paris next month.

Go figure.



  • John Borstlap says:

    The picture seems to represent an enormous egg fallen from a cloud. If they want Dylan to open the hall, that is a clear indication of what will be presented in it.

    • Max Grimm says:

      It’s a centre, not exclusively reserved for classical music but for music events of all genres, expositions and a variety of shows.
      Dylan isn’t opening the 1150 capacity classical music concert hall but the 6000 capacity multi purpose auditorium.
      The 1150 person hall will be the residence of the Insula Orchestra under Laurence Equilbey.

  • Ungeheuer says:

    Dylan, of all people?! How unimaginative.

  • Myrtar says:

    Clearly he feels that: Paid concert > free award ceremony. It could be that he actually knows he didn’t deserve that Nobel prize and that’s why he didn’t bother going there.

    • Todd says:

      Could be he’s just still on his never ending tour and is playing in Paris yet again. Naaah, that’s too simple and probably turthful.

  • Steve P says:

    I would love to believe he considered the Nobel prize contemptible after the peace award was given to a civil organizer with no previous record of achievements in peace or anything else prior to becoming an elected official…but I’m sure that belief is misplaced. So it was just a money thing, which is a fine capitalist motivator for not doing something,too.

  • Joel stein says:

    Dylan tours at certain times of the year and is off at other times-he has not toured in December for years-after 7/8 months of touring he didn’t want to go to Sweden in December-is that so difficult to understand?

  • John says:

    Lots of ‘sniffy’ posts here (including the original posting). Seems like you’d get cross-eyed looking down your noses so much.

    Oh, if only the world paid more attention to its twits!

    • Stephen says:

      Who are the world’s “twits”. Are we to include yourself among them since you imply they would improve the world?

  • Luc says:

    You guys don’t get it, do you? What Dylan wants is to play MUSIC, not to attend any kind of ceremonies!

  • wonderboys says:

    I am so envious of people whom know what dylan thinks, i have listened to dylan for 40yrs and know nothing of the guy,apart from his music, seen him over 45 times, and still nothing to report, maybe he has boiled eggs for breakfast, i just love his music more than any other artist, but he is not my god

    • alexander orr nevis says:

      like you have listened to bob for over 40 years seen him in concert as many times
      and my o my still nothing to report
      i have his autograph does this mean i have a book in me
      as for boiled eggs for breakfast do you reckon he has soldiers as well

      • wonderboys says:

        I think we are very much alike, yes he has taken many of us on a journey through our own lives, i also think we have been spoilt to have so much music around us at that time with dylan on the top table.
        I have join a couple of dylan site, scary places if you do not agree ha


  • Ruby Nimatux says:

    How do you know “he couldn’t be bothered”? What arrogant drivel.
    You have no idea what was going on in his life at that time.

  • Mauro says:

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