An American pianist wins big German boost

Ben Kim – originally from Portland Oregon – has walked off with the Rheingau Festival prize.

It’s worth 15,000 Euros and a big footprint on the German circuit.

Ben lives in Berlin and goes rock-climbing twice a week.

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    • His music? Is he a composer too? Or is it like Lang Lang who talks about ‘his music’ when he actually means Beethoven, Chopin et al?

  • Congratulations to the young man! But I can’t help thinking that rock climbing is hardly the most ideal hobby for a pianist. Surely the additional stresses and strains can’t do much for the muscles in the hands and wrists.

    • Mr Kim was using figurative speech, he meant Listz’s ‘Etudes Transcendentales’ in the arrangement of Josef Hoffmann – music for 3 hands played by 2.

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