Ab Fab Wagner: Joanna Lumley stands by her man

Ab Fab Wagner: Joanna Lumley stands by her man


norman lebrecht

March 19, 2017

The comedienne has released a promo for Die Walküre which her husband, Stephen Barlow, is conducting this summer at Grange Park Opera.

You see it here first.


  • Peter says:

    did she say “Walhalleren” ?

    oh, and next time you film such statements, use a professional miking technique. Unless you want to appear as an amateur undertaking.

  • Ungeheuer says:

    A real Die Walküre here

    • Steven Holloway says:

      How very helpful. You live in Munich, do you? It is striking how swiftly you and Peter above leap upon this, so derisively dismissing both the promo and the very idea of a performance taking place in…Surrey??? “Don’t clodhoppers live there? And why stage Wagner in Surrey when far finer, indeed great, performances can be heard in Munich and Bayreuth? I myself am off to the Met soon…”.

      No, Peter, I don’t think she said “Wallhalleren”, and I had no trouble hearing what Barlow and Lumley had to say. I think the miking was fine. And was I not going to be busy lecturing here in Canada this summer, I should be delighted to attend the Company’s performance. Such mighty efforts have been known to surprise. Very good fortune to Stephen and plaudits to Joanna for supporting the Company.

  • David Boxwell says:

    Right. Cheers. Thanks a lot.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Wagner explained for chimps.

  • Sue says:

    These two pictured, superannuated comedy stars – along with their vulgarian shtick – need to give the game away. It’s just embarrassing now.

  • Nick says:

    What a load of tosh? Any major ‘star’ from the entertainment business endorsing an opera has to be great PR. It doesn’t matter all that much that there may be the odd mispronounciation or how it is filmed, the fact is that when Joanna Lumley speaks, people listen and take note.

  • Linda Blandford says:

    No, not extraterrestrial – just a tad pompous.