Canada is putting on the world’s longest concert (that’ll be 17 days)

Musical Toronto has the story of how the town of Stouffville, Ontario, is trying for the longest musical event in the Guinness Book of Records.

Classical guitarist William Beauvais is among those taking part.

He writes: ‘I had just hit the coda, and doing a quick calculation in my head reckoned to be about thirty seconds from the end of the piece. The music unfolded and the ending arrived. Loud cheers from the stage manager, and those close to her, as much from relief as at the vigorous end to the piece. Going overtime would have meant the end of the record-breaking attempt. To that point, it had been an eight and a half day continuous concert with various artists.’

More here.

They’ll rename the town Stiffville when it’s over.

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  • Isn’t there this John Cage concert in some remote church in Germany that is supposed to last even longer?

    • The piece is called ASLSP, or As Slow as Possible, which was intended to mean ‘within the time available in the concert.’ The ongoing performance at St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany, started in 2001 and is scheduled to be concluded after 639 years.

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