Zarin Mehta loses his $486,000 job

It has emerged that the former executive director of the New York Philharmonic will be leaving his post as  co-executive director of the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University.

Mehta, 76, shared the job with  Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, who retired last month.

Now, an incoming chairman has called time on Mehta and announced a search for a single director.

In the last tax returns, Mehta was the highest earner in the California state university system, making almost $486,000 in pay, plus $111,000 in benefits.


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  • Highest earner in the California state college system? More than the highest paid football or basketball coaches?

  • The cited article from the Orange County Register says that Mr. Mehta was the highest paid “full-time employee” in the California State University system (which is different from the University of California system).

    The article does not say whether university presidents and athletic coaches are considered “full-time employees” for purposes of that comparison.

  • 486K for a guy to run a music center who even doesn’t play an instrument or conduct. He’s probably good at fundraising so they can keep paying his salary while the school’s students take out loans just to make it through the 4-year program.

    • Excuse me I know him personally he is my step-mom’s father he plays many instruments and conducts. My step mother is Rohanna Mehta

  • A fantastic administrator, artistic motivator, get in gear motivator. Worth many tens of millions in salary to my way of thinking. See you back in Chicago?

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