When Donald Trump tried to be a Broadway producer

Our pals at ZealNYC have dug up a slice of stage history:


Donald Trump, 23, thought he would like to be a Broadway producer. He met with David Black, a successful producer … and they joined together—Black providing the experience and know-how and Trump putting up a sizeable chunk of the money—for a new comedy, Paris Is Out, slated for the 1969-70 season.

The play starred Molly Picon, who in 1962 received a Tony nomination for her appearance in the Jerry Herman musical, Milk and Honey and was a popular performer who began her career in the Yiddish theatre, and Sam Levene, a Broadway veteran, the original Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls…

Read what happened to them all here.


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    • I’m sure there will be some coverage of the Clinton’s forays into the arts…if there are any…oh, wait, the Clintons are irrelevant. Forever. No Clinton foundation slush fund, so guess she will have to become mayor of NYC to make ends meet.

          • Pure snark. There’s a reason his initials are DT. He also tired to join the Board of the Metropolitan Opera by throwing money at them, but they were smarter than that and refuse to include a dilettante among them, and rightly so. I can’t imagine this creature sitting still for more than 5 minutes let along a 3 hour opera and absorbing a nano second of esthetics.

    • Why are you obsessed with Donald Trump and why do you feel the need to constantly defend him?
      Grow up, snowflake…

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