Two US music directors get renewed

Two US music directors get renewed


norman lebrecht

February 27, 2017

Louis Langrée has been extended at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to 2022, a two-year addition.

And Kayoko Dan has been given five more years at the Chattanooga Symphony, also to 2022.

The hope is there might yet be life after Trump.



  • Ellingtonia says:

    I don’t recall Obama attending any classical or opera concerts!

  • Dave says:

    What has Trump to do with two directors having their contracts renewed? Absolutely nothing. More pompous Brits writing about subjects they can’t comprehend.

  • Bruce says:

    With respect to the two previous commenters, I would guess that NL’s “life after Trump” remark relates to Trump’s goal of getting rid of the National Endowment for the Arts, which by its name sounds a lot more important than it is, and that orchestras renewing their music directors means they (the orchestras) expect to still be around in the future.

    Obama didn’t go to many (or any?) classical concerts, or invite many (or any?) classical performers to the White House, but he recognized the importance of the arts, even the kind that don’t bring in big crowds at casinos.