Tenor flies out of Met’s Carmen

We hear that Marcelo Alvarez is on a flight home to Italy after failing again to take the stage as Don José in Carmen.

The Argentine tenor pulled out of the first night 15 minutes before curtain-up, and repeated his non-appearance on the third night. The substitute was Rafael Davila, making his Met debut.

No reason given. He’s out of the run.



This Carmen has been particularly ill-fated.

Sophie Koch was replaced in the title role by Clémentine Margaine, so late in rehearsals that she didn’t even get a c.v. in the programme book. Conductor Dan Ettinger was subbed by fellow-Israeli Asher Fisch.

We don’t know which of these switches caused Alvarez to pull out.


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  • You assume one of these switches caused Alvarez to pull out; why? Why would a switch a few days in advance cause him to pull out 15 minutes before? Could it be just a plain, boring illness?

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