Pathology of a bad production

Pathology of a bad production


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2017

Larry Johnson takes a scalpel to Chicago’s new Carmen, directed by a Broadway song-and-dance man:

You knew it was going to be a long night at the Civic Opera House when the undulating shirtless male dancer with a bull’s head mask appeared during the opening Prelude to menace a group of fellow dancers dressed as toreadors.

That pretty much set the sophomoric tone for Lyric Opera’s hapless new production of Bizet’s Carmen, which opened Saturday night.

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photo: Todd Rosenberg


  • Wai Kit leung says:

    It is good to see there are still critics with honesty and integrity and call things as they see them. There are multiple commenters who thanked Mr. Johnson for writing this.

  • Prima Doughnut says:

    With 799 homicides and 3633 shot and wounded in Chicago in 2016*, it’s surprising that there is anyone left to form an opera audience.


    • Max Grimm says:

      Technically that still leaves >2.7 million in Chicago (and >9.5 million in the metropolitan area) who aren’t dead, wounded or imprisoned to form an opera audience.

  • John Borstlap says:

    This seems to have been really bad. But I prefer the smoke-free Carmen:

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    I’ve never seen a production so unequivocally called out like that before. It almost seemed personal.