More rot in the state of Danish music

More rot in the state of Danish music


norman lebrecht

February 06, 2017

The head of ensembles at Danish Radio, Kim Bohr, has been accused of giving prize jobs to his best friends without bothering to advertise them. Read more here and here.

Wouldn’t happen at our own dear BBC now, would it?



  • Will Duffay says:

    “Wouldn’t happen at our own dear BBC now, would it?” What’s that supposed to refer to? Or is it just a cheap jab at the BBC?

  • Hans says:

    A few years ago, I had some dealings with Kim Bohr. I was not at all impressed by him and had the feeling that he was a hardened, cold bureaucrat, so much part of the labyrinth of Danish bureaucracy that I wondered to myself how a man like this could ever positively manage any creative organisation and actually inspire people to better things. Too me, he seemed better suited to work in the national tax office. This case is very unfortunate, but based on what I experienced when dealing with him, I’m not at all surprised that he would stick with his fellow boring bureaucrat friends.

  • Dances With Wolves says:

    And I thought the Danes are the least corrupt according to some UN statistics? Shows you how irrelevant those are, or is it just a bad apple? Wasn’t that orchestra killed? And he still kept his buddy who had been its director around, just found him some other things to do? Isn’t real friendship great? Sounds like his superiors in the Danish Radio are either asleep or just as corrupt.