Maestro moves: Two young guys get agents

Maestro moves: Two young guys get agents


norman lebrecht

February 08, 2017

The London-trained Madrid conductor Pablo Mielgo has signed with Tanja Dorn’s boutique agency. Pablo is presently music director in the Balearic Islands.

And Jonathan Bloxham, presently Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla’s conductor in Birmingham, has signed with boutique Groves Artists. A self-starter, Jonathan runs a festival in north-east England.


  • Oliver K. says:

    And I leave this video as food for thought. There is no way either of these gentlemen should have agents with their lack of professional experience. Yet the three women in this video, one having conducted LSO, BBC Orchestras, etc., not represented?

    • Halldor says:

      You don’t help your point by taking ill-informed swipes at the conductors mentioned here, who between them have worked with the Philadelphia Orchestra, New York PO, CBSO and Simon Bolivar orchestras, as well as having considerable high-level experience as instrumental performers.

      It’s not a zero / sum game: try being constructive, if you have a case to make.

  • oliver k. says:

    Stop misleading using the term “worked with”.

    There’s a huge professional difference in the orchestra world (which you would respect if you were actually a musician), between “worked with” – ie. conducting a concert, to a non-professional, mis-leading version of “worked with” – [from their bios]: – “having attended an audition as an ‘assistant conductor with x’ . . . (hardly “worked with, unless 20 minutes unlisted and unpaid on the podium counts in your “professional” opinion), acted as a ‘cover conductor with x’ (again, hardly “worked with”, unless sitting out in the seats while a conductor asks you for balance issues is a strong enough musical endorsement to grab an agent nowadays, and under which about 1001 other young conductor should therefore be signed by the same firm). Simon Bolivar is a great orchestra – but it’s a great youth orchestra. So you have one of the two conductors having conducted a great youth orchestra. Well done you. So you are +1 for that, -2 for misleading on Philly and NY, and I’ll give you a 0 for mentioning CBSO (although it really should be a -1), since that gig was the result of acting in his job already as assistant conductor, for which it is his responsibility to be prepared to stand in. How about you try being constructive, and add to that trying being transparent.

  • Anton F. Schmid says:

    In the case of Pablo Mielgo, I can ensure he is one of the best Spanish conductors at the moment. Maybe the expression worked should be change for assistant as he was, and be assistant in Los Angeles Opera House and Teatro Real in Madrid with the conductors named in his bio, I think is very impressive. As well, to be since 2014, the Music and Artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Baleares Island, one of the principal public professional orchestras in Spain, with regularly conducting soloists like Juan Diego Flórez, Labeque Sisters, Pierre Laurent Aimard, Khatia Buniatishvilli or Julian Rachlin….. Is this a random conductor?…. I do not think so. We should speak loud if we know the real career of somebody. If not, free comments are just destructive.