Katherine Jenkins gets coaching

The Welsh ‘opera’ singer admits she is way out of her depth in singing a leading role in Carousel on the Coliseum stage. ‘I’ve been doing a lot of work for the last two months privately to prepare myself for this day, from acting coaches to music coaches….’

But too late now to turn back. Interview here.

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  • Don’t be mean Mr L, she doesn’t actually say that she’s way out of her depth.

    I’m sure it’ll be alright on the night. It will.

  • She doesn’t call herself an opera singer, and this isn’t proof that she’s out of her depth; rather that she’s taking it seriously. And I’ve seen world famous sopranos at Covent Garden who could do with acting lessons, frankly.

  • I am reserving judgement until I have seen her perform. Given she has already had the press on her back about this show once (I can understand why) its pretty evident she is not taking any chances with this one.

  • I thought one of the pre requisites of being in an opera was that you couldn’t act! And I’ve seen a few!!!

  • There is no shame in being coached for a role.

    The proof will be in the pudding, of course.

  • Sorry but nowhere she has admitted being ‘out of her depth’. Why on earth do you try to bring conflict into the situation? She is having coaching for the role, something I believe that some of the greatest singers indulge in. It is surely proof that she is taking the role seriously by ‘going back to basics’ not that she is ‘out of her depth’.

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