Detroit ‘alternative facts’ protestor backs down

Detroit ‘alternative facts’ protestor backs down


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2017

The man who protested about Leonard Slatkin’s mild political joke has sent the conductor a prompt apology:

Dear Mr. Slatkin,
Thank you so much for your personal response, especially in light of your busy schedule. After reading your email, I realize that I was too quick to react. There has just been so much negativity on Facebook, Twitter, news, etc that I was looking forward to an evening without politics. 
I am deeply moved by your willingness to write me personally. Please be assured that you have renewed my faith in the DSO and it’s wonderful conductor. 
I greatly look forward to your next concert. 


  • Robert Roy says:

    Good for him! It takes a strong to apologise.

  • Robert Roy says:

    … strong MAN…


  • Aslanis says:

    The lesson here is to tune-out politics and just listen to the music. It will lead the way to truth, understanding and fulfillment. Turn off the news, stop wasting time on Facebook, don’t look at Twitter and start enjoying life again(!). You have a mind, use it to make your own choices, not the media’s.

    • Randy says:

      Tuning out politics is not the thing to do. Treasure the music, listen deeply, yes. Be inspired by it. Also recognize poltics in US, especially in the last ten days, have taken a very different direction than the basic continuity the country has had since Washington was inaugurated, the Civil War the terrible exception. Everyone needs to decide how they respond, recognizing that cynical or hopeless withdrawal is tacit acceptance. On the other hand, Bravo bravissimo to the gentleman’s very kind and thoughtful response to Maestro!

  • Bob Thomas says:

    Kudos to Leonard Slatkin for taking the time to write to this person. That sort of personalized communication makes all the difference in building an audience.

  • Barbara says:

    Pity the man can’t distinguish between it’s and its though.