Christchurch conductor is jailed for sex offences

Christchurch conductor is jailed for sex offences


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2017

The former choir conductor at Christchurch Priory Church, David Everett has been jailed for six indecent assaults on a boy aged under 16.

Everett, 57, received a sentence of six years and eight months.

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  • John Borstlap says:

    ‘Love thy neighbour’ is often insufficiently understood by Christians.

    • Alexander says:

      ROFL ( rolling on the floor laughing) , John 😉

      • Alexander Davidson says:

        Was that comment really appropriate?

      • Maria says:

        Let him without sin cast the first stone …

        I find this comment, Alexander, says more about you than him, and totally inappropriate.

        • Alexander says:

          just citing the Pope ” … who are you to judge? ” …. 😉

          • Alexander Davidson says:

            The Pope said that about consenting adults, not somebody who sexually abuses a child.

          • Alexander says:

            …. to live without perversions means to love the ideas Jesus told people at his times , not to be the member of a church ( any of them), that was why I smiled . Your reaction ( your and Maria’s) looked a bit strange to me .
            P.S. by the way to be in a christian temple ( church) is one of my favourite pastimes ( for a while , of course 😉 – I go where to talk to Him, not to hypocrites who like to judge others …. and as for children’s abuse – it’s up to them, some ardent christians …. or maybe you have something to support them ? …. if you are so christian you should know what apostle Paul told people about gays also , it is in his speech to Corinthians , and I do respect Paul too , because he was a clairvoyant ( it is a proved fact) 😉 …. so , church is just an institution created by humans, not Him 😉

          • Alexander Davidson says:

            What seemed strange was that you said “rolling on the floor laughing”. I cannot imagine laughing about this subject. If you meant to suggest that you agreed with John’s point, you could have said, “I agree”, “Well said”, “Hear, hear”, etc. As for the Church, I have no brief to defend it. Christchurch Priory is an Anglican church, and I am certainly not an Anglican. I am a thoroughly lapsed Catholic and technically excommunicated under canon law. I certainly do not agree with the literal interpretation of the prohibitions against homosexuality in the Bible. I cannot work out whether you seem to think that I support paedophiles, Christians, or Christian paedophiles. I certainly do not support paedophiles, and I am not even particularly sympathetic towards Christians. What you seem to be doing, however, is confusing homosexuality with paedophilia. That is why I clarified that the Pope’s comments were about homosexuality. I very much doubt that the Pope would withhold judgement from paedophiles. For what it is worth, the Church would claim that it was founded by Jesus and that believers are called to be members of the Church. Anyway, my fundamental point was that it seemed extremely strange to claim to be laughing at a comment about this subject. John makes a sound point: many people who are Christians fall far short of the teachings of Jesus. Your comment did not seem to be remotely in keeping with that tone.

  • Anon says:

    This is a previous director of music. Please could you update your story to reflect this? With thanks