Canadian wins 20k Hindemith Prize

The 2017 prize, worth 20,000 Euros, goes to the Montreal-born composer Samy Moussa. Based in Paris and Berlin, Moussa, 32, was among the last proteges of Pierre Boulez.



Past winners include Olga Neuwirth (1999), Matthias Pintscher (2000), Thomas Adès (2001), Jörg Widmann (2002), Lera Auerbach (2005) and Anna Clyne (2016).

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  • The video presents an imitation of music from a Boulezbian point of view – occasional triads are quickly burried under pompous waste that a[[arently could not go any other way.

        • There are types of music which suddenly invoke a longing for Xenakis, Schoenberg, Boulez, etc. and then, their historic revulsion can be understood: that is what they felt when they had to listen to Debussy, Bartok, Ravel, early and neoclassic Stravinsky etc. Very instructive in all directions.

    • Not a good thing when one composer speaks disparagingly of a colleague. Could be anything from a sense of insecurity to a simple case of sour grapes…

  • Sure enough, since the word “Boulez” appeared in the article, our annoying troll-in-residence had to come and do his little number…

    Put “Trump”, and then comes the other troll…

    Pity what this site has become…

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