Aretha Franklin calls it quits

Aretha Franklin calls it quits


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2017

The Queen of Soul, 74, says she’ll retire this year to spend more time with her grandchildren.

Just one more album to go.


  • CDH says:

    What a pity someone didn’t pitch that overheated exhibitionist Carole King over the balcony.

    As for Aretha — best of her kind, I suppose. But I have never forgiven her for Nessun Dorma — I remember watching that performance live and wanting to put my foot through the screen. I know she’s a legend and all — in R&B, and God Bless her and all that like that sort of thing — but if you are going to sing Puccini you might take basic breathing lessons. “Prin” breathe “cipessa” does not cut it for me, let alone all the other idiosyncratic phrasings, etc. and of course the wrong voice.There are enough complaints about crossover, yet this travesty constantly meets with approval.

    • John says:

      Oh, thank you for that! Next, give us your opinion of Nat King Cole’s German.

      Sniff sniff . . .

    • MWnyc says:

      Dude, cut her a little break. She sang it with something like an hour’s advance notice, if that.

      It’s not like she was trying to sing Calaf in an opera house. She made it work in her style. It was an Aretha cover of Puccini, just like her rendition of “Where You Lead” or “You’ve Got a Friend” would be an Aretha cover of Carole King – very different in style from the composer’s own version, but perfectly legit on its own terms.

    • Dave says:

      She’s known as the Queen of Soul for a reason. What are you known for except complaining and back handed comments?

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Museart says:

      “What a pity someone didn’t pitch that overheated exhibitionist Carole King over the balcony.”

      Oh my God! Yes, Carole King is overheated but she has written the song that Aretha Franklin is singing and has all rights with her. Wouldn’t you be overheated as well if such a GREAT ARTIST would sing your song? And it’s a great song by a great songwriter.

  • Paul Kelly says:

    One of the greatest singers in any genre ever IMHO and a fine pianist too. An enormous shame she has a fear of flying and we haven’t seen her over here much if at all.