An alternative-fact composer

So that’s how we’re spelling Honegger in 2017?

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      • If he’s going on insist on an umlaut from a keyboard that doesn’t have them, then I’m going to have to roll my eyes and say “oh please.”

        (Yes yes, you can hold down your “ALT” key and type 132 — see — but it’s a pain in the ass)

        • In the absence of the respective keys and instead of all those codes, it is perfectly fine to replace ‘ä’ / ‘ö’ / ‘ü’ with ‘ae’ / ‘oe’ / ‘ue’ and it doesn’t seem as though Norman had issues using Umlaute in the past (
          Suffice it to say, Norman forgetting an umlaut on his blog, which he can correct in 5 seconds isn’t in the same category as a music label misspelling a composers name and printing album covers en masse with the misspelling proudly displayed.

          • It is particularly shameful for the Swiss Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble – bien entendu en Suisse Romande !!!
            Honegger is on each 20 Fr. banknote. The days of decent proof reading – long gone.

          • The Swiss are famous for their thoroughness and stubborn professionalism, as can be seen in their railway system, their knives, the cleanness of their streets and their excellent hotel manners. When, in the extremely unusual case that they make a mistake, they make it with the same unflinching thoroughness, and they stubbornly finish the production process of their CD irrespective of public outrage.

    • Hi Pedro, given that your name sounds vaguely Spanish, perhaps you’d care to explain to the good people on this blog the difference between “Feliz año nuevo” and “Feliz ano nuevo”.

      It’s only a tilde…

    • Poulenc would have liked that.

      Worse is the poster mistake when in the early 19hundreds Mahler’s 2nd symphony was announced in Parisian streets as written by ‘Malheur’.

  • Gee, this is just a misspelling. I thought it was going to be an article about P.D.Q. Bach. Best wishes Mr. Lebrecht have a wonderful day

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